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Church Connect Provides Interlocking Chairs
"Church Chairs" have become one of the most popular means of seating in churches today. They offer many forms of versatility in our fast paced, multi-functional society. Church Connect works directly with experienced worship chair manufacturers who provide a myriad of styles of interlocking seats throughout the United States and Canada.  

Our stackable chairs provide a wide selection of seating options, allowing for versatile uses in religious buildings. These metal frame chairs have Interlocking gangs allowing them to be formed in pew like rows and can be easily stacked and moved.  Chair dollies assist in moving the stacks about.  Numerous accessories are available, including bookracks, card holders, cup holders, arm rests and sliding kneelers.  The chairs can be made 2 inches wider. 

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Church Connect Chairs
Metal frame interlocking worship chairs

Affordable Interlocking metal frame chairs, in three different styles, built to last with high quality, durable components throughout.  These stackable chairs have many accessories available.

ComforTek Seating
Metal frame interlocking worship chairs

This is an inviting, comfortable chair, suitable 
for interlocking into uniform rows or stacking
for easy removal and storing. 

                Also providing a 
    High Density Polypropylene 
         Multipurpose Stacker.