Fabric provides the most striking impact to seating. It must withstand the test of time and still look beautiful on the chair. Our manufacturers purchase fabric directly from the weaver/mill in full roll quantities. 

Each company has their own direct link to their standard fabrics.  Some of these fabrics will incur additional cost to the original bid/quote that you have received from one of our companies.

If you don't find a fabric you like from their direct lines, I invite you to visit ABSECON MILLS.  Many of each company's fabrics originate from this mill.  Some of the fabrics you see here will add to the cost of your chair.  Be sure to contact us for a price list.
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ComforTek Seating has many fabrics that are specifically made for their worship chairs. Contact us for more information about their fabrics.
The MARSHALL COMPANY  Many of Absecon Mills fabrics meet their high standard of fabric requirements.  Pews are different from chairs in that they have a long distance to stretch the fabrics over the seat.  This provides a perfect situation for fabrics to quickly stretch out, leaving a rippled effect on the pew seats.  To prevent this from happening, the fabrics must meet certain weight and strength attributes.  Also, large patterns are difficult to work with for pews.  Because they are so long, it is difficult to match large patterns, stripes and plaids with the seat and to the back.  For these and other reasons, The MARSHALL Company has a very strict list of acceptable fabrics.  Please keep this in mind when you are looking at Absecon's fabrics.  At Church Connect, we are happy to guide you through your fabric selection process.  Please contact us with any questions.  Please ask us for fabric samples!
Addison                  Empress                  Empress                   Classic
                                     Tweeds                          Solids
Standard Fabrics  -  Included in the cost of your chair - ask us for fabric samples!
Other Fabrics in our collection will add varying cost to the base price of your chair.  
Ask us for prices and fabric samples!
​       Jetta                      Mission                     Praise     
  Fandango                Winslow                  Primary                Parlour
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Sherpa/Shire Fabrics are the most durable of the 
public seating fabrics.  Ask us for fabric samples!

Other Absecon Fabrics will add cost to your chairs.
Please choose a design that does not include stripes.
Ask for prices and fabric samples!
Standard Fabrics
Optional Fabrics